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jun 5       wed
rubulad @ 7:00 pm
brooklyn, ny


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Under the moniker Moon Sand Land, Jason Ross fuses hard-hitting, riff-driven beats with spirited lyrics. As a constant and evolving collaboration, longtime bandmates Pictoria Vark and Gavin Caine recorded The Duality of Man in Gavin’s Basement, aka Sock Studios. 


In pursuit of hope and the silver linings of 2020, We Buy Smiles was born. Co-produced alongside Toebow drummer/Simitree mastermind Charlie Kessenich, We Buy Smiles shifts Moon Sand Land from its lo-fi origins towards a dynamic and reflective indie sound.




Live Videos

Live Videos


"Ross's vocal aesthetic is pushed and playful and in total, "Cut the Carpets" feels at once dance-able and mosh worthy at the same time."

"Clockwork-like percussion and guitar swipes mesh enjoyably with suave vocals and an warm organ-laden backing. The “don’t wait,” vocal line coincides with a guitar-based rise that excites, aesthetically reminding of Spoon. A slight touch of synths in the background is involved in the subsequent verses, adding beautifully to the soundscape.

"It’s been slip-sliding into this single about “obsessions and habits” and it makes me swing into a shake."

"Recollections of the oceanside views, secret-sharing, and afternoon trysts fall out his mouth in a signature, exasperated drawl while leading a lofi cadre of collaborators in garage rock unison." 

"Fans of Pavement’s frayed edges and poetic honesty and Parquet Courts’ similarly warped melodies and direct line to what it’s all about will greatly appreciate 'High Tops.'"



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Brooklyn, NY
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